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East Bay Regional Park District board meeting on extending Measure CC

The EBRPD Board will meet this Tuesday the 16th to (among other things) review their plan to put in place a new ballot measure that would reauthorize the Measure CC assessment for another 20 years.

This is a hot issue with EBRPD having received extreme pressure (some would say threats) from the Sierra Club to move away from their somewhat moderate vegetation management efforts in favor of radical landscape transformation. This radical landscape transformation would involve large scale deforestation and application of large amounts toxic herbicides for decades to come.

It's critically important that the public let EBRPD management know that we're not ok with their bowing to the pressure of the Sierra Club and other nativist factions in order to get support for this funding initiative.

If you can please attend Tuesday's meeting where at approximately 1:45 PM this issue will be discussed. This is a case where your voice can have a real impact.

The meeting will be held at EBRPD headquarters: 2950 Peralta Oaks Drive, Oakland

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