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update on the HCN versus UC case

Haven't communicate in a while now, but this is only because we are in the boring phase of the case. Have been negotiating schedules and procedural stipulations with UC and the CCC (who also sued UC on this matter). Among the stipulations agreed to are that UC will refrain from taking any actions in the contested areas until the court has ruled.

Currently the effort is to create the record for the case. This is a compilation of all the documents that either side may cite in making their arguments. HCN is leading this effort on behalf of UC and CCC. We expect the record to be completed by the end of the month.

After that it's briefing time, where the parties develop and submit their arguments. For the plaintiffs, opening briefs are due 8/24 with opposition briefs due 10/20.

The hearing is currently scheduled for 11/19.

With your support HCN has been able to stay current on legal bills, but we expect these to increase as the case progresses. Any help you can provide is appreciated.


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