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                 January 2018 Court filings opposing CCC intervention in UC vs. FEMA case: HCN  |  FEMA  |  CalOES | EBRPD

                 "The Next Major Fire in the East Bay Hills," by David Maloney, former Chief of Fire Prevention, Oakland Army



                 • 1991 Oakland Hills Fire analysis, by Peter Gray Scott, 1992 Grand Jury investigation 1st witness, resident

                 witness of 1991 Hills Fire, Executive Board Member, Hills Conservation Network


                 • FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) report on the 1991 Oakland Hills fire

                 • 1992 Oakland/Berkeley Mayors' Fire Task Force Report on the 1991 East Bay Hills Fire

                 • "The Wildland-Urban Interface (W.U.I.) Fire Problem," by Jack Cohen, U.S. Forest Service Fire Science Lab

                 • UC Davis article on vegetation in fire-prone areas:

                 • "Eucalyptus: Separating Fact From Fiction", by

                 • Forest ecology resources:

                 • Burning Leaf Aerodynamics Study (Leaf types ease of ignition and wind-blown travel distances), by Peter Gray

                 Scott, 1st witness @ 1992 Grand Jury investigation, 1991 Hills Fire resident witness, HCN Executive Board Member

                 • Kelly Close, Fire Behavior Analyst, "Hazardous Tree Reduction" DEIS Fire Behavior Commmentary, 6.17.13

                 HCN Comments on the Oakland Vegetation Management Plan

                 • HCN scoping comments on 2019 Oakland Vegetation Management Plan EIR

                 HCN scoping comments on 2019 UC Vegetation Management Plan EIR

                 • UC Vegetation Management Roadmap

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