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January 2018 Court filings opposing CCC intervention in UC vs. FEMA case:

HCN  /  FEMA  /  CalOES  /  EBRPD

          "The Next Major Fire in the East Bay Hills," by David Maloney, former Chief of Fire Prevention, Oakland Army Base   


          • 1991 Oakland Hills Fire analysis, by Peter Gray Scott, 1992 Grand Jury investigation first witness, resident witness    of 1991 Hills Fire, Executive Board Member, Hills Conservation Network


          • FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) report on the 1991 Oakland Hills fire


          • 1992 Oakland/Berkeley Mayors' Fire Task Force Report on the 1991 East Bay Hills Fire

          • "The Wildland-Urban Interface (W.U.I.) Fire Problem," by Jack Cohen, U.S. Forest Service Fire Science Lab

          • UC Davis article on vegetation in fire-prone areas:

           • "Eucalyptus: Separating Fact From Fiction", by

           • Forest ecology resources:


           • Burning Leaf Aerodynamics Study (Leaf types ease of ignition and wind-blown travel distances), by Peter Gray

                 Scott, 1st witness @ 1992 Grand Jury investigation, 1991 Hills Fire resident witness, HCN Executive Board Member

              • Kelly Close fire analysis: HCN_Report_FINAL_06-17-2013b.pdf


              HCN Comments on the Oakland Vegetation Management Plan

             HCN scoping comments on 2019 Oakland Vegetation Management Plan EIR

               HCN scoping comments on 2019 UC Vegetation Management Plan EIR

              UC Vegetation Management Roadmap