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Big victory in the UC versus FEMA lawsuit

In the long-running effort to prevent UC from clearcutting the "Hill Campus", last week we received some great news. The Federal Magistrate hearing the case agreed with FEMA and HCN that the lawsuit that UC filed attempting to undo portions of the HCN/FEMA settlement agreement was moot. In other words, it was thrown out. FEMA and HCN won!

This victory was a long time coming, but it was sweet indeed. As a result of this decision, UC is not allowed to use the Biological Opinion that was developed as part of the FEMA EIR in support of their just-launched CEQA EIR. While we don't know what (if any) UC's next steps might be, we do know that they fought long and hard to avoid this ruling.

Once again we thank you all for the financial (and moral) support that's made this possible. Because of your support, we have been able to substantially change the course of history.

The final section of the judgment is attached:


The court grants the defendants’ motions to dismiss the case as moot.


Dated: December 20, 2019

ORDER – No. 17-cv-03461-LB 47



United States Magistrate Judge

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