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A few updates

First, please be advised that the due date for comments on the new UC EIR for the hill campus vegetation management plan is now 10/ there's still time! Second, please see the following attachment from Million Trees regarding Norm LaForce's latest attempt to get on the EBRPD Board. For those in Ward 1, we strongly recommend voting for Mr. LaForce's opponent, Elizabeth Echols. Unlike Mr. LaForce, Ms. Echols is a reasonable person who listens to all sides. Mr. LaForce, by comparison is completely disinterested in anything other than advancing his own personal agenda. His claim to fame is that he's endorsed by the Sierra Club....which is actually him. For more information please read MM'

HCN submits brief in the UC versus FEMA federal appeal

HCN, as an intervener in the UC versus FEMA case appealing the judgment of the Federal Magistrate mooting out the UC case several months back, has filed our brief in support of FEMA and the FEMA/HCN settlement agreement. As is the case with these things, this took a lot of work and was a considerable expense. You can read the brief by clicking the link below. Please consider helping HCN battle a public agency with unlimited legal resources by making a tax deductible donation.

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