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HCN and EBRPD intervene in UC vs FEMA lawsuit

As you may know, UC Berkeley filed suit against FEMA asserting that FEMA unjustly denied them grant funding for their plans to remove 100% of three tree species in the "hill campus". HCN decided to petition the court to "intervene" in the suit as we were concerned about the possibility that if UC were to prevail the settlement agreement between HCN and FEMA could be undone. Over the strenuous objections of UC's lawyer, the Federal Magistrate decided to allow HCN to intervene in the case. Subsequent to HCN's intervention motion, EBRPD decided to intervene as well, most likely to protect the funding windfall they received when FEMA awarded EBRPD with the moneys that were pulled back from UC an

Measure CC status

East Bay Regional Park District held its final public input session for the proposed extension of Measure CC bond funding. HCN and a number of other environmental groups were well represented at this meeting. HCN's major thrust was that in order for the community to support the extension of this property tax assessment EBRPD should make changes to some of the objectives, strategies and tactics in their wild land vegetation management EIR. It is now known that the dramatic increase in oak mortality resulting from Sudden Oak Death was a major factor in causing the recent North Bay fires to be as destructive and deadly as they were.

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