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What we can learn from a 16 year old

HCN has been fighting those who would decimate our local forests for over a decade. The words of this brave 16 year old capture the essence of why we do what we do. United Nations (United States) (AFP) - A visibly angry Greta Thunberg berated world leaders as she addressed a UN climate summit on Monday, accusing them of betraying her generation by failing to tackle greenhouse gas emissions and asking "How dare you?" The Swedish teen, who has become the global face of the growing youth movement against climate inaction, began by telling her audience: "My message is that we'll be watching you," eliciting laughter. But it was soon clear that the tone of the message would be very serious. "This

How to stop global warming

"And so far, the best available technology for pulling carbon dioxide out of the air is something called a tree. That's why many nations are starting ambitious tree planting efforts" Al Gore, New York Times, 9/22/19

UC versus the rest of the world

UC tells FEMA: “Give us the money!” For those who don’t know, HCN is currently involved as a side party in the lawsuit filed by UC against FEMA. UC is attempting to overturn FEMA’s settlement agreement with HCN on the Environmental Impact Study that would have enabled UC to clearcut the entire Hills Campus. At this time the matter is being briefed in the 9th District Federal Court in San Francisco, with the judge expected to issue a decision in mid-November. At this point HCN has consulted with EBRPD and FEMA/DOJ in order to develop and file a brief supporting FEMA against the UC assault. We have filed one brief and expect to file a second response brief in October. A little background on

The proof of the pudding.....

For the last decade or so various agencies have used the risk of wildfire as their rationale for removing 3 species of trees in the east bay hills. The argument has been that if we just remove these 3 species that the hills will be far safer. Often cited in the justification for these projects is the ongoing and deteriorating situation for homeowners to obtain fire insurance for houses in the woodland urban interface. The proponents of removing these 3 species have assured us that removing these trees would not only make the area safer, but also that as a result of this decreased level of risk, it would be easier and cheaper to obtain insurance. The facts, however, don’t support this asserti

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