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UC files opening brief in appeal of recent EIR suit loss

On August 25 UC files its opening brief in its appeal of the earlier Superior Court decision to invalidate their vegetation management EIR for the hill campus. It's now up to the plaintiffs (HCN and the Claremont Canyon Conservancy) to fill response briefs, which will then are responded to by UC. All this should happen in the next 120 days.

Once this happens it is up to the appeals court to decide when they want to review this case. This could happen relatively quickly or could take a year or more. In the meantime, the EIR remains unusable and any vegetation management work allowed under the EIR cannot move forward.

For HCN this means that work on the ground has been suspended until UC either wins their appeal or releases an EIR that fixes the defects that the superior court judge deemed unacceptable.

The upshot is that there will be ongoing legal action for some time and your ongoing financial support is both needed and appreciated.

the opening brief is here

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