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Measure CC status

East Bay Regional Park District held its final public input session for the proposed extension of Measure CC bond funding. HCN and a number of other environmental groups were well represented at this meeting.

HCN's major thrust was that in order for the community to support the extension of this property tax assessment EBRPD should make changes to some of the objectives, strategies and tactics in their wild land vegetation management EIR.

It is now known that the dramatic increase in oak mortality resulting from Sudden Oak Death was a major factor in causing the recent North Bay fires to be as destructive and deadly as they were.

Because of this EBRPD needs to invoke the "adaptive management" provision in the ridgeline EIR to modify some of the proposed project areas so that the same risk factors in the North Bay aren't increased here.

We will be working to develop a comprehensive comment to the District with specific suggestions as to how they can adjust these projects to better serve the public need for reduced wildfire risk.

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