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UC versus FEMA lawsuit update

Since the last update there have been several significant developments in this case.

First, the Claremont Canyon Conservancy has finally acknowledged their role in working with Norman LaForce and Jerry Kent of the Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club and has petitioned the court for admission to this case as an intervener. We suspect that as in the past, their intention is to disrupt any attempt to settle the case during the Alternate Dispute Resolution phase that begins in February. Needless to say, HCN is going to oppose their admittance in this case as they have no real standing.

Next, the Claremont Canyon Conservancy has moved to have the judge removed from this case. Presumably they believe that their odds of success might be higher with a different judge......since so far their legal arguments have consistently failed to be persuasive. HCN will oppose this move as well.

At this time the hope is that the CCC (and by extension the local chapter of the Sierra Club) will be barred from participation in this case and it will be possible for the Alternative Dispute Resolution process to move forward without disruption.

All this takes money, so if you are able please consider making a donation to HCN.

Happy new year to all!

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