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UC Claremont project has been completed? Now what?

The road closures and lines of trucks and armies of chainsaws have gone away, leaving a vastly altered landscape. While UC claimed that this project would be species-neutral EVERY eucalyptus and monterey pine were killed, while the vast majority of the bays, oaks and other "native" species were left intact.

While the ground fuels adjacent to the roadway were largely removed, UC left a whole lot of fuel that wasn't there prior to the project. Dead trees and piles of chips.

Not only are there tree trunks along the side of the road, UC chose to leave felled trees on the hillsides where they were formerly living things, held in place by the stumps that once supported these living things. Since even with leaving trees along the roadsides and on the less steep hillsides wasn't enough land to store these tree remnants, UC dumped enormous quantities of logs at a site at the top of Grizzly Peak between the intersection of Claremont and Marlborough terrace.

While UC installed minimal erosion control measures on the steeper hillsides they altered, much of the area has no erosion control measures, most notably the creek that runs on the south side of the canyon. What was a pristine creek is now filled with dirt and detritus from the vegetation removal work that UC just completed.

Finally, UC has abandoned huge piles of tree chips at the signpost 29 turnout. While EBRPD and EBMUD won't allow chip accumulations of greater than 24", UC has left piles of greater than 5'.

We've asked UC what there plans are to remove the logs, fix the erosion issues and deal with the chip response. Photos attached:


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